here’s looking at you, blore !

Bangalore weather has never been better in 2012 as when compared to what we have experienced in the last few days……Love waking up to the pitter-patter of a drizzle, chilly breeze lulling me to go back sleep again (Oh to sleep and not wake up for an eternity….but then work beckons!) I am thrilled that I still have the privileged view of a lush, green garden that my apartment society so painstakingly maintains and boy am I thankful ! In the concrete jungle that is now Bangalore with hordes of skyscrapers, under-construction metro lines and glass-lined corporate offices this city, sadly, has lost its old charm! I remember taking early morning Sunday walks with my dad and sister in Jayanagar under the canopy of shade that the huge, huge trees would provide – it is such a cherished childhood memory!

Cut-to 2012 and morning walks these days, in an effort to take in “fresh n unpolluted air”, are met with the company of honking call-center cabs transferring sleepy-eyed employees to their office, harsh unforgiving sunlight and smoke in the air (Takes me to the popular Deep Purple song “Smoke on the waterrr…a fire in the skyyyy…..Weird how the mind makes random connections!) Did I forget to add in the lovely view of strewn garbage literally everywhere? I do not need to jog to make my walk more physically energetic – I just have to hop, skip and jump every 5 steps to avoid the dump of garbage that my feet seem to encounter. BBMP – take a hint, your recent efforts on waste management are not working!

Just realized that my post seems to be going contradictory to what I’d intended it to be – yes, I am like that sometimes. Coming back to the weather – Bangalore, I am loving living here right now and I pray (oh so desperately!) that you continue to bestow such lovely weather in the days to come. I’d like nothing better than to sit in my balcony with a cup of hot, steaming coffee and a nice, fat book 🙂

Here’s a visual of how i take my cuppa joe in the mornings, what is your coffee ritual?

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