gaga over gangnam

………oppan gangnam style…gangnam STYLE !….the radio in my car crooned as I made my way home from office. This popular Korean rap song seemed to have gripped the nation in a similar fashion that “Kolaveri Di” not so long ago. It has been considered by some as nothing less than a “worldwide phenomenon” and has been praised for its catchy beat and PSY’s amusing dance moves in the music video. The song has spurred TV themes, nail paint colors, Halloween lights, one-day gangnam city tours(!!) and has also prompted celebrities & several business/political leaders alike to master the dance moves and emulate them on screen.

What is it about quick paced songs that we connect ourselves to these days? I can safely say that not many Indians understand Korean and I can bet that not one of us had the slightest idea of what PSY was saying all along BUT we still liked it….loved it in infact! Has rhythm replaced lyrics my mind asked me…frankly I didn’t know. I’d accepted MC Hammer’s “Can’t Touch This” with the same enthusiasm as I’d welcomed “Macarena” in my life – but hey, I was just a kid and this was the “music of the youth” during the 90’s! Its 2012 now and yet I see myself nodding to the addictive beats and chanting the gangnam chorus…Stick along and it won’t be long before you find me humming to some of the corniest songs with a silly smile on my face.

So which is the song that you’d idolized as a kid? Come on now, admit it, you used to be one of us too….. 🙂

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