speak up

The other day the husband and I were watching “What Women Want” on TV and how after a freak accident Mel Gibson gains the ability to hear what women are really thinking. And I could swear I could sense my better-half watching it with a slight amused smile on his face. “Hell yeah”, he might have thought; “This is pure genius!! This the ultimate gift that any man can get!”  Wishful thinking, ain’t it? 🙂

And believe me I totally understand why anybody would want to be endowed with this skill – If this only worked with the switch of a button. You could use it to figure out what the other might want as a gift on a birthday or an anniversary. Or use it maybe to comfort a friend at the time of need and say all the right words that could help.  A real advantage could be during an argument or maybe the aftermath of an argument also 😉 And it works both ways too! Contrary to the popular belief I think men are as complex as women are, they just won’t admit it (And all the ladies reading this will back me up!).

Could telepathy be a gift? If we resort to responding to every thought that we might have privy listening to, then where do our human emotional quotients come in to play? Will we stop acting independently and opt to making passive reactive decisions?

This is where I feel open communication starts: honest / free/non-judgmental space to share thoughts, feelings and ideas. We all have our bit to do in this space (let’s admit it, no one is perfect or ever will be). So speak up! Say what you have to say and believe me there is always someone who would hear you!

Here’s a hilarious piece that I spotted on the net on “speaking & hearing” 🙂

Picture Courtesy : Someecards

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