an irrational addiction

We gathered in a circle, held hands and said our Serenity Prayer out loud  :

“God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change. The courage to change the things I can, And the wisdom to know the difference.”

I looked around at everyone and solemnly introduced myself “Hi my name is Mamta and I……uhh,I… am addicted to Greys Anatomy”.

Puzzled? Thought you would read into what might be another blog post on admissions coming from an AA meeting (gotcha!)? But no, this did not actually happen and yes, it is entirely probable.

Embarrassingly enough I have to admit that I NEED HELP.  I believe I may have crossed the threshold where this popular sitcom has now intertwined and to some extent overcome my real life. I have been on GA (Greys Anatomy) marathon mode for the last few weeks trying to catch up to the current season (GA had released quite some time back and is currently being rerun on a popular TV channel. I wasn’t a regular watcher until recently).

If you find medical mysteries interesting & also have a thing for sappy, complicated love stories then probably you would understand why I am obsessed with this medical drama. The show focuses on the fictional lives of surgical interns & residents and reflects on how they gradually evolve into doctors, while balancing their professional/personal lives. I often imagine how it would be to work as a doctor, run around in scrubs and save lives. That and the presence of McDreamies & McSteamies would be a bonus addition 😉 (Watch the show to know more!)

I am not a patient person honestly and I find it very difficult to be time-bound to anything that really, really interests me – it it’s a book that gets me racing I cannot wait until I’ve finished reading it (My personal record has been 1 ½ days on a novel of +500 pages. Ha!), if it’s a movie I’d like to be the first one to catch it at any multiplex & if its anything on TV – I want to watch it without being subjected to a million ads selling operating systems and vegetable oil alike! The setup boxes available now with a recording feature enabled have really helped my cause and I have the luxury to zip through the annoying ads at top speed ;-). Considering this, I was quite amazed to find myself waiting,oh so patiently!!, for the clock to strike 10PM and to get on to uninterrupted GA time. It wasn’t long before my impatience got the better of me and I found myself logging onto YouTube to view episodes that were posted online. And very soon it overcame my life – no kidding. I refused to watch anything except GA – weeknights after work, weekends, any time I could afford ! My sister & I are hooked to GA and we often end up discussing the show at length over chats – a fan club with 2 girls, if you will 😉 I don’t remember being this fanatic over anything except for my obsession with the actor, Dino Morea & cricketer, Ajay Jadeja back in school (Do I hear you go “Seriously? These guys?” And I say Thy shall not judge me!)

My husband would be quite amused (albeit a li’l worried) to report that my fixation has still not found its cure as there are 4 seasons that I am yet to cover (4 seasons x 25 episodes. Me = yippppeeee!).

As of recently I have got into the habit of inserting medical phrases in everyday conversations with him & my parting line the other day as I entered the kitchen to cook was….“I am scrubbing in

(I didn’t wait long enough to see if he had fallen on the floor in shock!)

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