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“…It’s not you, it’s me.

I thought I was ready to be in an exclusive relationship when we got together, but I’ve come to realize that I need more.

I am ready for a serious commitment and you are not. I think it’s time we part ways…I hope we can still be friends……..”

I sighed and thought of the conversation that laid ahead of me when I got home. It was going to be a tough one but I knew that it was about time……it had to be done.

I headed straight for my desk……and took my digital camera in my hand. I looked at it and said “I’m sorry…but I think I need to break up with you. I’ve met a DSLR and there’s no looking back now…”

Don’t be perplexed. I am not the crazy lady who actually talks to her camera but can I tell u……the emotions are there! I’d shared a 3 year long relation with my Canon Powershot SX120 and it was difficult to let go. Crazy, but true. :-p

In the interest of all who are new to this blog and to me, I have a “thing” for photography and enjoy clicking photos as I believe they make for great memories.

I’ve recently taken my keenness (it’s a word!) for photography to the next level and have made a sizable (read HUUGE!) investment in purchasing a DSLR. Second to blogging and/or baking, I can safely say that this is the next hobby that is currently occupying all the spare time that I can afford. While my Canon gave me enough manual control to tweak and play with the settings, the more I experimented I came to realize that I craved for more. It’s a powerful camera and I will always cherish the beautiful photos that I was able to capture with it. But ever since our Europe trip earlier this year I wanted to broaden my horizon where photography was concerned – as I browsed through the pictures, I realized that there was so much more that I wanted to do. What with the recent epiphany I had on life and grasping every moment of it, I realized that I wanted to “carpe-diem” everything that came my way – You don’t live twice!

I am a novice in photography and am constantly amazed & humbled by the sheer talent that surround me in this field (friends, cousins, colleagues etc). In a way my inspiration comes from looking at their pictures. There is a lesson learnt with every photo that I browse through : maybe a technique that I hadn’t thought of, an interesting frame composition or the creative application of exposure. And there are so many avenues to learn – online blogs, forums, websites and so on – with a click of a button I can now log on to my favorite artist’s website and peruse through all of his/her work – no longer is there a need to wait for an announcement of an exhibition or to visit an art gallery – I can now do this at the comfort of my home without stepping out. The web gives you such freedom to accomplish all that you desire – truly the mind boggles! But that is a separate discussion by itself.

Given that skilled and experienced photographers can capture scenes in a more artistic manner when compared to greenhorns like me, then what is it that makes my photo distinctive? I believe that it conveys how I envisioned the moment – such a cliché but so true! A simple vase, for example, can be captured in myriad ways – empty vase, half filled with water, with fresh flowers, with dried up twigs, in silhouette, in color or black & white and the list goes on – and each of these snaps will express something unique – a message perhaps? Or maybe a state-of-mind? A hidden emotion? Something to think about…I know I do when I look at any picture 🙂

For me photography is a much needed de-stressor from the hustle & bustle that is life these days. The best part of this hobby is that I will never run out of things to learn – Inspiration is everywhere! 🙂

Here are some snaps that I’d clicked : some old, some new – hope you enjoy looking through them.

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