weekend getaway

Deepavali, or is it also called “the festival of lights”, was here about a month ago & in its preparations I got busy with sprucing up my humble abode. There was a lot of cleaning, cleaning & then as it with goes with every festival – eating, eating & indulging!  There was so much going on that I didn’t realize that my last blog entry was exactly a month back – eeessshhh!!! Tsk tsk tsk – there is a possibility that i might have just let indolence get the better of me 😐

I wanted to write earlier this week  but I was indulging in nostalgic memories of the amazing holiday that I had last weekend – Husband planned a getaway in Kumarakom, Kerala to celebrate our wedding anniversary. We have now been married for 3 years! I love travelling & exploring new places and time permitting hubby thoughtfully plans trips to mark every milestone that we cross by : birthdays, anniversaries etc. Ain’t that sweet ! 🙂

Kumarakom is small sleepy destination located on the banks of Vembanad Lake and very popular for its backwater tourism. The lake is the largest in Kerala and spans several districts – Allepey, Kottayam & Ernakulam & is dotted with resorts nestling along its banks. It is not uncommon to sight houseboats, or kettuvallams as they are called locally, criscrossing across the serene waters at all points in time. The resort that we stayed at offered a sunset cruise aboard the houseboat and it was a lovely experience bouncing across the waters and taking in the scenic beauty.

Sigh ! I did not want this holiday to end – I think we both felt that the feeling was akin to what we felt during our childhood at the end of summer vacations (Those of you who have watched ZNMD, you will understand the reference to the scene with the Doordarshan music :-)) It was a holiday to be cherished and one that will remembered for a long time!

Sharing a couple of pics here

Sunset @ Vembanad Lake View aboard the sunset cruise into the distant horizon wine-ing! diyas


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