too much brain in my head

It’s been quite some time now since I’ve posted any entry in my blog & quite embarrassingly enough I have to admit that I haven’t paid my webpage a visit for far too long now. I let my crazy, irrational imagination take over as I logged in today to expect cobwebs hanging & spiders crawling all over my blog : Yes, I am dramatic that way but surely you have figured that about me by now 😉

And this relapse isn’t because life had taken over in full frenzy or that I had too much on my plate that needed my absolute attention – surely I did not expect to end 2012 and begin 2013 with such a long interval in my blogging habits. I might attribute this to perhaps too much cerebral activity : sometimes the mind has too many random things to process to streamline it into one single thought – Among many I too am susceptible to such cognitive thinking, fancy that! 😛

I am incapable of limiting myself to think in a “straight-line” as it is commonly referred to. I tend to over-think “things” & get on a roller coaster ride of sub-thoughts, ideas, variables & so on. The times I do choose to voice out all of this I leave people perplexed in my wake, but hey but that’s how I roll ! Over-thinking has become a part of my life now & am often caught unawares by it. It originates from seemingly harmless, simple thoughts but can leave you wondering & pensive until either you break away from your reverie willingly or are shaken by others around you into reality. Case in point I was wondering what I could ruffle up in my kitchen the other day for a quick breakfast and realized I had eggs in my fridge. This is an excerpt of conversation that I had with my mind –

Me : Hey! So I need to make some eggs for breakfast, so I was thinking….

Mind : Boiled eggs. Bulls eye. French Toast. Scrambled Eggs. Omelette. (Insert another 10 recipes or so with eggs in them)

Me : Err…sure…thanks?

Mind : EGGS… you have only four in your fridge, you need more eggs…you could buy eggs to bake a cake perhaps..

Me: I was thinking of making breakfast for now…Cake?

Mind : Oh yeah, you know cake! Ooooh, you know what you should totally make your banana cake! I love your banana cake. Please make your banana cake, pretty please!

Me : Why are you talking about Bananas!? No no…why are you even talking?

 Mind : I’m serious maan…But wait – don’t banana have a lot of calories in them? Yeah….I think so. You know you should just make a plain sponge cake. That’s right, just a good old sponge cake.

 Me : Sponge?

 Mind : Yeah sponge…Oh by the way have you ever wondered why kids these days are obsessed with Sponge Bob Square Pants? I mean he wears square PANTS! Har Har!

 Me : What?!

 Mind: Yes dude! Square PANTS! You know that reminds me I wanted to tell you about the sale in Zara? You should totally go and try out a few pants!

 Me : (Opening the fridge) Pants?!!! Why am I reaching into my fridge for pants!!? Darn it!!

You see what I am talking about now? From eggs to pants!

Mamta is not amused.

Here’s a lil something that I caught on Pinterest, so true :!


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