pinhead [noun]

1. a person who is addicted to an activity of meaninglessly browsing through the web in the hopes of finding anything “pin-worthy”

2. to cause to become physiologically or psychologically dependent on “pinning”

3. to abandon all ties with the world and make it a mission to pin everything and/or in most cases, anything

synonyms : pinjunkie, pinfanatic, pin(devo)tee, pinaddict

Yep, this pretty much sums me up these days.

Not a day goes by where I do not login to Pinterest on my phone in the hopes of catching something interesting and adding it to my board. Try as I might I’ve also been unable to free myself from the crutches of this wretched addiction ~ even at work! It’s the same cycle everyday : Open notebook, scroll through mails, chit chat with co-workers, action all work that is really really important, grab a cup of coffee and slyly open the Pinterest app on your phone mentally promising yourself that this time you will not spend more than just a couple of times, that this is just a no-harm-done-2 minute-sn eak-peek…that this time you will conquer over this maddening compulsion and yet, you end up wasting precious time over all that is unnecessary. Sigh. Every. Single. Day.

Pinterest makes you lose yourself in a world of hope, despair, humor, glamour, fashion, decor. It’s my online scrap board. It’s my online Hogwarts. It’s my magical world where I am on the cusp of fantasy & reality. And fantasy always wins, hands down.

I have myriad boards on Pinterest – cooking, humor, travel, fashion, quotes, home decor, photography (Have I left anything out?). And I take great pains in curating my boards & take full pride in knowing that time has not been wasted ~ Well not entirely (smugface). I find comfort in Pinterest – it helps me make sense of all the clutter that I come across on the web. It helps me compartmentalize stuff and being the organized freak that I am, I have control over what I see now & how I can still see it days later.

Are you a pinterest addict too? It would definitely help to know that there are other pinheads like me out there! 🙂


pinaddict 3pinaddict 1

pinaddict 4


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