Does my post necessarily have to be about something? I mean…the title suggests all-things-sundry…doesn’t it? So it can be about anything, can it not? Then I can make this post about something as random as the traffic I encountered on the way to work today or the song I listened to on the radio or…the contents of my lunch box today! But what’s the fun there? Why would you want to read about something that is so common….something that is part of your life too….something so ordinary? Because that’s what we relate to. Under this shroud of mystery and excitement that we seem to crave for in our everyday life, we relate to all things familiar. We find comfort in the known.

Picture Source : Pinterest

I find comfort in my house ~ It’s where I take refuge after a hard day of work. Or a place where I can just be..

I find comfort in my mother’s cooking ~ Be it a simple serving of Dalithoi-Sheeth (dal-chawal) or her world-famous Dahi Vada. Just a bite and I am transferred back to my days as a toddler – such a simple time in life.

I find comfort in holding my husband’s hand ~ A simple gesture but yet so powerful.

I find comfort in a hug ~ Is there any other embrace that is so loving?

I find comfort in listening to old Hindi movie music ~ They don’t make such soulful melodies anymore.

I find comfort in re-reading a favorite book ~ The charm of reading a musty-old-yellowed-paper book & sniffing it ever so often is something only book lovers will understand.

I find comfort in watching an episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. for the umpteenth time ~ I know ALL the dialogues from this sitcom (I kid you not!)

I find comfort in a cup of hot, warm tea on a rainy day ~ Who doesn’t?

I find comfort in a bowl of Maggi ~ Can you ever say no to it?

I find comfort in knowing that my family is always there for me ~ Just a call away. Just a ride away. I feel so blessed.

These are not all that I find solace in. And I hope to add more as the years roll on. But these are enough to get by. These are enough to feel loved and make you look forward to another sunshiny day!

So, what do you find comfort in?

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