i am back and happy days are here….apparently

Dear Reader,

Whoever you are….(being overly optimistic & hoping there is actually a reader? Urmm…nevermind)….I am sorry I have not been posting for so long. I could do the song & dance routine to explain my complete absence from blogging but it’s just going to be a bunch of excuses put together. So let’s not hash out the past but instead look at this as starting anew, sounds good? O-kay!

Over the last few days, if you are an active member of the online community (twitter/fb/tumblr/yadayada), you would have noticed a lot of users uploading pictures with the 100happydays hashtag. I was intrigued. What’s with the hashtag overload? And how did I not know about it ?? (I might not blog much but I am very much one with all the online “happenings” ;-)) I found out shortly that 100happydays is an online challenge to click a pic, everyday for 100 days, of something that makes you happy & share it. Sounds fun, I thought. And i love me a good challenge on pics (although I had miserably failed at the fatmumslim photo a day challengeΒ :(), so i signed up!

To my absolute delight I have been having a lot of fun through this challenge. I was reminded that I did not need any occasion, say an anniversary or a birthday celebration; a promotion at work; or a holiday, to be happy ~ I found joys in the small things. Don’t get me wrong – the big things matter, oh do they not! But cherishing the lil spurts of happiness, a late night cup of coffee; freshly painted nails; witnessing an early mornin sunrise, makes you realize that being happy is entirely up to you . You could let it slide by, or treasure each seemingly insignificant one as your encounter them. I would think that the concept of capturing happy moments has always existed in the past, say making an entry in your personal diary or clicking a pic for a photo album, but now we have other means to do it ~ where words might fail, your pictures could do just the work. On some days I struggle to find the good in all things around me, and in the other days its easy enough – maybe that’s the balance of life? How else will you appreciate the good if something bad never happens? And that’s the philosophy I try to live by. I falter at times but thankfully I always pick myself up.

I can tell you that I have seen merit in the entire process. Its quite amusing to realize that I have a silly smile on my face as I scroll through my photo entries & feel excited about the days ahead ~ wonder what else I might encounter that would make me happy? Wondering & hoping.

Here are a few photos so far from my Instagram feed…I am thinking of making a post every week or so in the blog on the photos & get back to writing again! Maybe this is a happy sign too? πŸ™‚


Freshly painted nails.. #makesmehappy #popofcolour #100happydays A beautiful view to look at everyday ~ and right at home! I am glad some parts of Blore are still green ! #100happydays #greenery #ilovebangalore Happiness is to be carefree and just chill by the beach... #100happydays #beachlove ..when a book becomes so interesting that you forgo TV ! Its been soooo long since this happened #100happydays #ilovebooks Sometimes a "sign" is all you need to smile & be happy! (Spotted at a local eatery in Bangalore) #100happydays #smilefornoreason

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