season(al) love

Summer is here. Way too early for my liking.  It’s still early February and it is scorching during the day! Whatever happened to the glorious, perennially cool Deccan climate? What up B’lore, your weather be gone mad !!

I have never been a fan of summer since our times in good ol’ Calcutta. I loved the city but the summers drove me c-razyyy. Sweltering, blazing, burning, blistering summers. (Yes, as you’ve already noticed it I just used all the synonyms for scorching. That’s how much I love summers. NOT !). This season has always made me appreciate just how good air conditioning really is. Such a wonderful, beautiful invention. As as I crank up the switch and take a whiff of cool air blasting through the vents, I send my thanks to the inventor of modern A.C. ( Googled it – his name is Willis Carrier. You can thank me now for providing this bit of information! :p

I might not love summers...but my love for Goa is eternal <3
I might not love summers…but my love for Goa is eternal ❤

Summer would be followed by the rains. Torrid rains. Rains that came pouring in all directions : pouring down, pouring sideways, knocking you about as you walked down the street and snatching your umbrella away. Water, water everywhere. If you must know I hate getting wet. I enjoy the rains provided I do not have to get drenched in it. I like to gaze at it from the coziness of my home with a nice, hot cup of masala chai & some hot tidbits straight out of the kitchen (You won’t catch me making them, though!). 

a drive in the rain perhaps..?  (but only if i wont' get drenched)
a drive in the rain perhaps..?
(but only if i don’t get drenched)

 And then there were winters. Those weren’t so bad, actually. As long as I was bundled up in layers, it was fine. Just a lil bit of warmth provided a whole lot of comfort. Atop Mt. Junfraujoch in 2012, I experienced my fair share of snow (almost froze my backside off!) and realised that the Indian winters suited my persona much better. I cannot handle snow. Snowcones, yes <3. Snow, no. I know extreme winters are taxing for those who have to live through it (See Here : OMG!). Trudge through the snow to….work?! How are they doing it? How do they manage to get up in the day and…..actually the thought of just getting up sounds heavy enough. Potential recruiters based in snowy wonderlands, do not read this post. I didn’t mean it. I didn’t write it, my idle brain did. *smug*

sighting the snow...but from afar !
Mt. Jungfraujoch ~ sighting the snow…but from afar !

And then there are others. The kinds who do this. I am glad I wasn’t a part of this science experiment 😉

So, which is your favorite season?


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