I’m Bach

Well, hello there! I am glad to see you are here and now that I am back too, maybe we can continue where we left off? No explanations needed? Sounds wonderful.


Only if it were that way. I know you have questions, I know I would ! “Why does she disappear ever so often? Every six months, or in this case a whole year! Do you think she is a werewolf in hiding? Or maybe a covert agent who just blogs in between her missions while she waits for the next assignment to come by?” *snickers* I hope my overactive imagination amuses you. It does keep me occupied at times ๐Ÿ˜‰ I didn’t intend to wipe off my entire existence from this blog, although it sure does seem that way, but somehow that’s what happened. Life caught on and I found myself strapped for time to blog. Which is so ironic, because the one reason I created this blog was to document my thoughts on life! Ha! Didn’t see that coming….but nevertheless here I am back for good …. let’s just not say anything definite for the moment, I don’t want to risk proving myself wrong all the time!

So what has been happening you ask? Well, the last time I blogged I was in Bangalore and this post is coming to you from Austin! We’ve moved ! And what aย year it has been so far. I’ve taken my time settling into life here, exploring this wonderfully weird city and places nearby; catching up with old friends & making new ones; rediscovering life a day at a time. It’s been exciting & a little nerve wracking too. Our day-to-day lives look a lot different now, some changes for the better & some could be better ๐Ÿ˜‰ Change is good. Except when it comes in pennies. (Sorry. I couldn’t stop myself.)

So my loyal readers, who is probably just my sister (*waves at her*), you will be seeing more of me henceforth. Unless you don’t want to…..Meh, I’ll still be here! Ta!

Couldn’t resist this one either





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