a holiday in california

To all fellow bloggers, do you have posts that are in your draft folder and for some unknown, forgotten reason has never seen the light of day?  I do. And this is one among them. Why I took the effort of typing out a post of 900 odd words and not hit “Publish” I do not know. #scratchhead #agecatchesup

We had decided to call in 2015 with some of our friends in Sonoma County. The agenda – sipping some wine by the day…& the night, vineyard  hopping, wine-tasting…..its a good omen if the word wine makes an appearance in your sentence more than once. 😀  Tickets were booked, stay organized, zero itinerary planned which left it for us to do things as we went along…..2015 was off to a promising start.

Before heading to Sonoma we thought it best to make a stop at Santa Clara, bunk with our friends for a few days, meet up with family living in the area and explore San Francisco & a few other sights. Aahhh SFO….what a beauty you are. The best way to explore any city – at least the method I prefer the most – is to walk through it. That’s what we did when travelling through Europe wayyy back in ’12 but that’s another post by itself – one that I’ve been meaning to write for so long & I promise I will get to it soon. Walking through the city gives an experience that’s unbeatable. Your body & soul tends to absorb every minute, every sight, every scent wafting through the streets – every sensation is heightened. We would have loved to do just that in our visit here but since we were stressed for time we opted for the SFO city tour with a ferry ride to Sausalito. Another beautiful town. It’s like America’s answer to the French Cote d Azur. A few ferries & boats docked at the port, pretty boutiques lined on the street by the bay, restaurants by the bunch offering “everything seafood” & a few stores offered something I’d been on the look out for a long time – “saltwater taffy” (a lil disappointed with it. It tastes like your average Fruitella. Oh well).

Some fish n chips & a yummy scoop of Lapperts Iceceam later, we headed back to the main inland and it was time to tick off some of the popular attractions.

While it was great that we were able to cover ground in a day’s time, it definitely left us craving for more. There are some places that I would have definitely spent more time in than what was allocated. But hey, that’s what it is. You win some, you dimsum. 😀 (Which we did at Yank Sing on our last day in the city. A must do!)

A day after the city tour, we rented a car & explored some parts north of SFO. We’d originally planned for a day in Muir Woods but instead headed for Point Reyes Lighthouse. It was a long, long ride & one that seemed that would never end. Hours later, stomachs rumbled and we stopped en-route at an adorable inn for lunch for one of the best meals that I’d had in a long time. By the end of the meal, we decided to skip Point Reyes as the weather forecast predicted fogs and the views were going to be restricted. Instead we hit up Limontaur Beach and spent some time dipping our toes in the freezing ocean. The day was a complete washout in terms of things we’d set our minds on, but at least we got a good meal & some moments by the beach and that’s good by me any day.

The next day we headed up to Monterey Beach and since I’d missed on the Fisherman’s Wharf at SFO, I was determined to make the most of it here. It was the perfect place to snack up on some yummy crepes & for one of my fav pastimes in any city – people watching. While men look at the ladies,  women on the other hand eye at their footwear and make a mental note to buy some additional pairs! :). A couple of hours in Monterey later we made way to the 17 mile drive as recommended by our friend. It’s a scenic road through Monterey Peninsula much of which passes famous golf courses (Pebble Beach), mansions (there were a lot of Oooohs & Aaaaahs in our car) & a few attractions. The sights were beautiful, the weather was a great ally – all in all it was a great day out.

The next few days &  some after New Years were spent cozying up at a rented home in Sonoma County. We picked a day to do some wine tasting at the local vineyards & mini hike through the woods nearby – it was the most relaxing way to ring in 2015. A great vacation is what I’d call it. Most of the pics you see here have been clicked with our mobile phones & I for one am impressed with the quality of the images. I kicked myself on our return as I’d missed taking my dslr with me in our tour of the city, but hey i guess that means another vacation is due, right ?  😛

Where did you take your last vacation at ?